Stainless Steel Laundry Sink Manufacturers Share Different Wash

  • There are more and more types of washing machines. The Stainless Steel Laundry Sink manufacturers share with you a few small tricks. How to use the washing machine skillfully and pay attention to what matters? The weather is getting colder and colder. You can see which clothes are suitable for washing machines and avoid some clothing wear.

    1. Washing machine: The working principle of the pulsator washing machine relies on the positive and negative rotation of the pulsator installed at the bottom of the washing tub, which drives the clothes to be turned upside down, left and right, and between the clothes, between the clothes and the wall of the barrel, in the water. Gently rubs and achieves decontamination cleaning under the action of detergent.

    Note: Lighter clothing such as down jackets, sponge bedspreads, etc. that do not absorb less water cannot be washed in a washing machine. Because such clothes are light, even if they are washed, they float on the water and cannot be completely immersed in water, and the washing effect cannot be achieved. In addition, it is easy to dry with the barrel and it is easy to wear.

    1. Advantages of the pulsator washing machine: Its structure is relatively simple, the maintenance is convenient, the washing rate is high, the clothing is entangled small, and the uniform washing and clothing rate is low.

    Disadvantages of the washing machine: the wear rate of the clothes is large and the water is used.

    1. The agitated washing machine is generally speaking, it is to stir the clothes through the pulsator cycle. The general agitated washing machine is composed of an inner barrel, an outer barrel, a stirring pulsator, a motor and a computer controller. The agitated washing machine has the advantages of both the pulsator type and the drum type, and overcomes the deficiencies of both. Note: Suitable for washing denim and heavy clothes, silk, wool, cotton can not use a mixing washing machine.

    Advantages: The clothes have the strongest cleansing power and save the washing powder. Suitable for washing clothes, except for all clothes that require special washing. It has many advantages such as no winding, no wear, power saving, strong washing power and so on.

    Disadvantages: Like winding, the damage is increased compared to the first two methods, and the noise is the biggest.

    1. Drum type washing machine: Wash the clothes by rotating the drum and matching the washboard and the water injection hole to achieve the effect of smashing, smashing, shooting and hitting. Note: suitable for washing clothes: wool, cashmere and silk, pure wool fabrics.

    Advantages: The washing degree is high, and the drum washing machine can warm the water to make the decontamination effect better. Water-saving, drum washing machine is to achieve the washing effect by rolling the drum, without relying on a large amount of water flow for washing work, so it can save water, save clothing and save washing powder.

    Disadvantages: Due to the laundry principle, the laundry time will be relatively long, and the drum washing machine is best to use warm water laundry, so it will consume more electricity. The drum washing machine has a malfunction, and the maintenance cost is generally high. Moreover, the washing machine closes the door and cannot be opened during the washing process.