The Benefits Of Falling Water In China Stainless Steel Sink

  • There are two kinds of common China Stainless Steel Sink basins installed, the above counter basin installation and the under counter basin installation. In fact, there are Taichung basins and embedded installations, all of which are very good-looking, but they are not mainstream. They are rarely seen on the market, so there is not much to introduce here.

    Above counter basin
    The countertop basin refers to the side of the sink that is placed on the top of the cooking table. This kind of sink is easy to install, and it is easier to replace it later, and the space under the sink will be larger. The disadvantage is that the above counter basin is fixed by glass glue, often in contact with water and grease. After a long time, the glass glue is easy to mold and black. The serious point may also cause the sink to curl and the water leaks into the cooking table. But its benefits are also very intuitive. The installation of the above counter basin is simple and does not charge, and because the surface is in contact with the countertop, the bearing capacity is higher than the undercounter basin. Once damaged, it is convenient to remove the repair.

    1. Under counter basin

    The installation of the under counter basin is relatively complicated and requires an extra charge. The advantage of installing the under-basin is that it can be easily swept, and the stains on the counter can be swept into the sink, rinsed out, and taken care of easily. The overall cabinet effect is good. Of course, if you feel that the understage basin has no other disadvantages except for the high installation cost, then it is wrong. The load-bearing capacity of the under-basin is not as good as that of the above-ground basin, and the occupied area is large, and once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

    1. The drawbacks of one pot of two installations
      Now many brands of sinks have launched basins that can be installed on stage. Mainly refers to the above counter basin can be installed under the table, generally will be installed by means of glue and fasteners. However, if it is a large-scale above-ground basin, it is not recommended to use the installation under the stage because there is a risk of falling off.
    2. Benefits of falling water

    If you want to install a kitchen treasure and a garbage disposer in the cabinet, you will need more space under the sink. The traditional falling water will be in the middle of the sink, and if you move it back, you can make more room for the bottom of the sink. Finally, whether it is the above counter basin or the undercounter basin, drainage inspection should be carried out after the installation, and the drainage of the sewage and overflow holes should be tested. During the test, if there is a leak, it needs to be reworked immediately.