Teaching China Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning And Maintenance Sk

  • The problem of home cleaning is the cleaning of China Stainless Steel Sink . Then the cleaning of the kitchen sink is also a skill to follow. Some simple cleaning tips will make cleaning the kitchen easier. Xiaobian deliberately searched for some sink cleaning and maintenance techniques~ taught to everyone.

    The sink is the heart of the kitchen. According to statistics, the use of all kinds of supplies in the kitchen, the sink is the highest. In the preparation and cleaning work before and after meals, more than 65% of the time is directly related to the sink. Therefore, it is very important to use a beautiful, good performance and clean sink to build a comfortable and warm kitchen.

    According to the material classification, the water tank can be divided into stainless steel, cast iron enamel, ceramic, artificial stone, steel enamel, acrylic, crystal stone and other varieties, among which ceramic, stainless steel, artificial stone, granite (quartz) are the four comparisons. Common. You can look at the advantages and disadvantages of different materials of the sink, so that you can choose the right sink.

    Part1: Stay away from greasy kitchen sink cleaning tips
    People mainly pay attention to the choice of the sink, whether the capacity is suitable, whether it is easy to clean, and whether the appearance is textured. Most people choose stainless steel sinks. In fact, there are many types of sinks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
    Regardless of the type of sink, the kitchen sink should be kept away from greasy during cleaning. Greasy is not easy to wash off, even stainless steel sinks are inevitable.

    Part2: Using tools Kitchen sink cleaning is easier

    Cleaning tools: soda powder, cleaning sponge

    Use a sponge or cotton cloth to clean the sink. If using detergent, use a neutral detergent to gently scrub. If the retained moisture produces mineral deposits, use a low-concentration vinegar solution to remove it, and then completely clean it with water.

    The tips for cleaning the kitchen sink are here. I hope that through the above methods, you can easily clean the kitchen sink and keep your housework organized.