Daily Maintenance Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Is Important

  • The sink needs to be cleaned of dishes, ingredients, tools, etc. It is easy to get wet and the bacteria should be cleaned. The following small series will teach you some tips for maintaining the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink .

    We use the sink frequently every day, so there will be more dirt deposited in the sink. Therefore, the sink should be cleaned regularly, and it can be cleaned with mild detergent and rinsed with water. But be careful not to scrub the sink with wire, scouring pad, or abrasive material, which will damage the sink. In addition, do not let the sink fill the water for a long time, this will cause the minerals in the water to deposit to the bottom, attached to the bottom of the sink, it will be more difficult to clean. If this is the case, a low concentration of vinegar solution can be used to remove this deposit and finally completely cleaned with water.

    Do not cut things in the sink. The sink is not a cutting board. This will cause serious physical damage to the sink. The impact on the life of the sink is also great. Also, do not rub on other sharp objects and wires.

    When washing some foods rich in salt such as kimchi and mayonnaise, it is necessary to control the time, do not stay in the sink for too long, and the salt is very strong against the material of the sink. Household products, bleach or food containing chlorine can also damage the sink, seriously affecting the life of the sink. Even if it is placed in a cabinet, if a container containing bleach or chemical detergent is opened, the gas or vapor that floats out of it will cause damage to the sink below. So use these chemicals with caution.