Remodelling a spare room into a music studio

  • If you’re ready to take the next step in a music career, you need to have a proper music studio with proper space and professional equipment, such as computers, speakers, amps, instruments, and even a portable speaker with FM radio (in case of a power cut).


    At the beginning of this year, I decided to turn a spare room in our house into my music studio. I had already planned out the layout for setting up recording room, instruments, and other equipment. The next step was just to invest in construction work and some new instruments that I needed for recording. I had been saving money for my studio for the past 5 years now, so money was not an issue. All I had to do was to look for the right materials and workers for the remodelling project. One of my friends who is an architect helped me out in selecting the right construction materials and tools. However, it was difficult to find the best insulation wool for creating a soundproof recording room. At last, we had to order it online from Delhi so that our recording room can be prepared on time.


    After all the construction work was finished, we decorated the studio with an industrial touch by using some DIY furniture and lighting fixtures. I'm happy with the outcome and look forward to some amazing work opportunities now.