Starting A Day Care - Where To Advertise Your New Daycare Cente

  • So you decided to start a daycare center. Congratulations. Women all over the country are becoming financially independent and make a great income by starting daycare centers. If done correctly, a daycare can become a hugely profitable business. It can also be a lot of fun.

    But a daycare center, as any business, needs customers. And in order to get these customers you need to advertise your business. But how to advertise and where?

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    Most parents choose a daycare center which is close to their home. No one wants to commute too much to take the kid to the daycare center before going to work. That means that you shouldn't advertise too far from home, but you do need to pick the right spots in which to advertise.

    A great way to advertise your daycare center in the beginning is with flyers. Print a few hundred flyers with a simple message containing the name of your daycare center, your name, your address and your phone number. This is no time to be shy. Anyone who reads the flyer needs to know where your daycare is to see if it's close to where they live. They need your phone number in order to get in touch with you. Don't worry, a few hundred flyers cost very little and can be very effective if placed at the right spots.

    You want your flyers to be where parents go. Here are some great places to place your flyers:

    1. Outside the local supermarket. Parents and especially mothers, do the shopping, so they visit the supermarket at least once a week. Placing your flyer on a notice board near the entrance is a must.
    2. Many parents go to the gym, so place a flyer close to the gym.
    3. Place some flyers close to the schools. Kids who go to school often have small brothers and sisters. Parents often drop their older kids at school. Some do so on a daily basis. Your flyers need to be there.
    4. The same thing is true for out of school activities. For instance, if there's a little league baseball field close to your neighborhood, place some of your daycare flyers by the entrance. Parents go to cheer their kids and they will see your flyers. The same things go for any out of school activities center in your area.

    If you place flyers advertising your new daycare center in these locations and others like them, you will have new customers and will make a great income from your daycare business. One warning though: do not litter as it will make people angry with you. Place your flyers on notice boards or ask permission.