Is Your HR Efficient?

  • Annual performance reviews are a must. They're not just for your regular employees either. They should also be performed in your human resources department. Analyzing the efficiency of your HR department can give you key insights as to whether or not they're performing their job at a proficient level. It's important that they maintain expectations so that your business can run more efficiently. But how can you assess whether or not your HR department is doing a great job? After all, the HR department is usually the one giving performance reviews. Let's take a look at some of the things you need to be on the lookout for when assessing your HR department and their ability to get work done.


    How Is Your Recruiting/ Onboard Process?

    Have you noticed that the recruiting and onboarding process isn't as smooth as you'd like it to be? Is the HR department taking any initiative to make the process easier? If your human resources person isn't doing a great job at hiring employees, there is a serious problem. While you can't weed out all the bad apples, if you have a high turnover rate, it could be partially due to bad candidate selection.

    The onboarding process refers to helping the new candidate integrate with your business. There should be a strategy or process set up to make this easier. If you currently don't have one, and it seems very unorganized, the HR department would be to blame.


    Do Employees Get Answers To Questions?

    When employees have questions about their hours or benefits, they should be going to your HR department. Does the HR department answer their questions in a timely fashion? Or do they leave them hanging? Does this prompt your employees to come to you for questions?


    Are Benefits In Line?

    Analyzing employee benefits and making sure everyone is taken care of is part of the duties HR departments handle. How are they handling this aspect? Are employees satisfied with their benefits and receiving them on time?


    Are Performance Reviews Handled Swiftly?

    Just as you're going to be giving performance reviews to human resources outsourcing companies, they will need to give reviews to your employees. Is this handled efficiently? Could they be doing a better job? One of the hallmarks of performance reviews is having them done on time. If there are delays, you could be missing out on opportunities for improvement. For example, if an employee is struggling to understand their job, but it could have been highlighted in a performance review, they have missed out on months of training.