better be us come to take off peach again

  • Roosevelt still cannot helped but."Flank Liao Zhong Kai just finished saying, of Jiang Fang shook to let go of front war bulletin, say with smile:"Here just notified us, Matthus wanted come to visit ask, there contact a ship owner, seem still is unwilling Philippines."
        The Liao Zhong Kai says:"Philippines position is south china sea important, westward can guard, to east control lesser half Pacific Ocean, wholesale plantation shutters affirmation is unwilling.What I felt suspicious BE, is he why not direct to come to seek a president?"
        Jiang Fang shakes to say:"This is still remarkable.Roosevelt puts clear want to see navy's nobody wins that we play a life with Japan, had better be us come to take off peach again.But he can not see dead not to save again and fall in gossip of speaking the reputation not, so want to walk the civil outlet doesn't lend for Japan and comfort Philippines refugee government.I estimate that the American probably wants to play western America war again that set of, make civil volunteer army to Philippines, don't know Michael Se that doesn't come back."
        A volunteer army lets Yang Qiu thinks of Chen Na De.Is exactly Roosevelt on the history sign allow reserve service military officer and withdraw the American solider's aviation troops soldier can leave for China battles of document, just had He He the well-known Special Duty Unit  is afterwards.In the war of Britain, a nice bit of American airplane pilot withdrew active duty to enter British Royal air force, the eagle brigade of great reputation is all American.However he doesn't think that there is still opportunity in Philippines turns over dish, positive such as Jiang Fang shake say, like this do perhaps just for to Philippines refugee government an explaination.After all Roosevelt very clear, don't understand for Japan a day definitely and this big enemy in China, is not likely to turn round to deal with faraway United States for a day.
        It is the attending to of flank Wei Jun to pour Mi to have eyes and want a way:"President, perhaps still not only consolation Philippines refugee government is so simple, I estimate Roosevelt also wants to lend this matter to sound out us and sees our attitude on Japanese problem, perhaps have already started doubting we and Japan signed the affair of secret agreement."
        "This is affirmative.Japan puts we don't beat and start out to unite fleet awe the United States and put clearly is temporarily solved cares at home.Isn't Roosevelt a fool again, how can see not and deeply?If we don't carry ammunition for him, sit solid collaborate with with Japan of affair, if help perhaps he will take this to do an article, we to the pit go in and lure Japan with we first the fire combine!"
        Liao Zhong Kai knows the affair of secret agreement, but he rarely participated in this kind of discussion that the state-to-state contended for dark Dou before and heard Jiang Fang the earthquake saying that the United States rented a ship to contain the suspicion to take a Sino-Japanese war and hurriedly said:"President, otherwise the simply time extremely calculated.We are the most important now of still Central Asia, although it is said have been already surrounded, but after all haven't ended.