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  • Adhering to the exploitation of Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale a bug by players that were ill-intentioned, we are forced to go back to the December 28 backup and to move ahead with a tide of sanctions. We sincerely apologize and provide additional context about the situation to you.We do quantify t...
  • Resident Evil is a series of electronic games launched by Japan CAPCOM company. The game was first introduced in 1996.This game has become an influential representative halloween cosplay costumes the game with the theme of horror elements such as zombies. The Resident Evil series currently has a tot...
  • Path of Exile: The harvest is all about monsters. Literally. As the name implies, the latest alliance and expansion of the ongoing ARPG are all about building your own farm, unless you don't harvest delicious crops when the seeds germinate. On the contrary, when your plants are ready for harvest, th...
  • The Druid really -- clearly that the Druid is a favored. Everyone enjoys a Druid. But we actually needed a concept piece that has done a while back by somebody in home that gave him a bit of a different look, perhaps, to the way he looked in D2.Once that bit went up, it was like, fine, we're going D...
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