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  • How to calculate the reference length of the triangular belts? When the V-belt rotates and bends around the pulley, the layer whose length and width remain unchanged is called the neutral layer. Under the specified tension, the circumference measured along the neutral layer of the triangle belt is c...
  • Matthias Brückle at 1:30 pm on 09/29/2020-Path of Exile: Heist is currently letting players roam the frustrating ARPG world again with new league content and master the "World Atlas". The special alliance mechanism of the raid provides us with a special POE Currency, and its concept art has bee...
  • How to get a lot of POE Currency , and preferably in a short time, and even at the very beginning of the league – this question interests many players in Path of Exile. In this guide, I would like to talk about the basic, proven methods of farming. Of course, some of them will change...
  • IKEA Gift Cards for Sale The company is planning to open 25 stores by 2025 in nine cities.Ingka which handles the global retail operation for IKEA would open its second store in Mumbai in the next six months after making its first store at Hyderabad operational two years ago.“Our ambition...
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