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  • For Carlos, all players will require an accessory headband. The price of the headband is 1000VC thus it's inexpensive for those who have not spent the entire amount of VC purchasing jerseys MT 2K22. Put on the headband, and walk towards the City Runway to get the confirmation of Carlos to approve yo...
  • Whenever I spot the prom dresses rotting at the back of my closet, I begin to question the motives of a number of my now-married friends. Were they TRYING to make me seem like a beauty pageant cast-off? (Srsly: One is head-to-floor fuchsia—with a train!) Here are five hot-off-the-runway ...
  • Just in time for Thanksgiving, two EA Sports games have received roster updates in order to more accurately replicate their sport. Madden 22, and Mut 22 coins will see recent players surge and drop based on their actual performance. The NFL, Taylor Heinicke from the Washington Football Team and Dean...
  • Within the electric-bikes product catalog you can find all kinds of components and spare parts for electric bicycles and electric kits compatible with most brands. The components and spare parts for electric bikes and electric kits from BuynBuy are compatible with most brands Windgoo Electric Bike ...
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